Meekosan (temko) wrote,

System of a Down photoshoot

Here are the pics I took at their MTV2 concert at Webster Hall on the 22nd:

The rest of the pics are here:


The concert was absolute pandemonium. They stuck me and another photographer at the front of the crowd, but there was no photo pit, so they literally stuck us at the front of the mosh pit (by the side of the gate that's between the band and the crowd). The photographer next to me periodically got taken out by crowd surfers, and the bouncers kept tossing rowdy people at us that they were pulling out of the mosh/surfing crowd. Since I was taking photos and not paying the closest attention to the people moshing right behind us, I wasn't too surprised to find the few battle scars I ended up getting out of it.

The MTV2 vj (I don't even know who this guy is) was trying to get the crowd pumped up before the show, but the crowd was screaming so many obscenities at him to get off the stage, that he eventually lost it and started screaming obscenities back at the crowd and flipping people off. That was pretty fun to watch.
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